Research Publications

Date Title
02/2024Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2023
02/2024Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2023
06/2023Potassium Nutrition of Cotton Growth, Yield, and Fiber Quality
05/2023Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2022
05/2023Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2022
05/2023Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2022
04/2023Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2022
02/2023Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2022
01/2023Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2022
01/2023Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2022
12/2022Measuring Economic Impacts of Outreach Programs to the Commercial Fishing Industry
09/2022Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2022
08/2022Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2022
06/2022Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2021
05/2022Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2021
03/2022Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2021
03/2022Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2021
01/2022Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2021
01/2022Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2021
01/2022Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2021
12/20212020 Spring-Summer Ornamentals Trial Top Performers
11/2021Watershed Conservation: A Case Study On the Redbud-Catalpa Creek Watershed
10/2021Proceedings of 46th Annual Ornamental Horticulture Field Day
09/2021A Practical Guide to Nutrition, Feeds, and Feeding of Catfish (Third Revision)
09/2021Mississippi Cover Crop Variety Trials, 2021
08/2021Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2021
08/2021Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2021
07/20212019 Spring-Summer Ornamentals Trial Top Performers
05/2021Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2020
05/2021Mississippi Cover Crop Variety Trials, 2020
05/2021Exotic Ants of Mississippi
04/2021Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2020
02/2021Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2020
01/2021Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2020
12/2020Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2020
12/2020Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2020
11/2020Mississippi Grain Sorghum Variety Trials, 2020
10/2020Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2019
10/2020Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2018
08/2020Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2020
04/2020Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2019
02/2020Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2019
02/2020Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2019
12/2019Strategic Bird Monitoring Guidelines for the Northern Gulf of Mexico
12/2019Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2019
12/2019Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2019
11/2019Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2019
11/2019Mississippi Cover Crop Variety Trials, 2019
10/2019MDOT-MSU Highway Vegetation Management Four-Year Summary Report 2013-2016
10/2019Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Wreath Design
09/20192017 Cotton Performance Results for the Regional Breeder Testing Network
08/2019Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2019
06/2019Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2018
04/2019Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2018
03/2019Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2018
02/2019Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2018
01/2019Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2018
12/2018Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2018
12/2018Computer Usage Among Nursery and Greenhouse Operations in Selected Southern States
11/2018Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2018
10/2018Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2017
10/2018Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2017
07/2018Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2018
06/2018Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2017
03/2018Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2017
02/2018Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2017
01/2018Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2017
12/2017Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2017
11/2017Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2017
10/2017Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2016
10/2017Mississippi Native Grass Variety Trials, 2016
08/2017Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2017
07/2017Evaluation of Cover-Crop Mixes for Agronomic Performance and Forage Quality under Mississippi Conditions
05/2017Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2016
05/2017Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2016
05/2017Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2016
03/2017Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2016
01/2017Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2016
01/2017Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2016
11/2016Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2016
11/2016Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2016
08/2016Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2016
08/2016Missisippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2015-2016
08/2016Socioeconomic Characteristics of Mississippi Lifetime Sportsmen Licensed in 1989-2013
05/2016Survey of Seafood Products Handled by Mississippi Restaurants
05/2016Mississippi Sweetpotato Variety Trial, 2013
05/2016Effects of an Extended-Release Anthelmintic on Performance of Grazing Beef Cattle
03/2016Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2015
03/2016Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2015
03/2016Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2015
03/2016Mississippi Native Grass Variety Trials, 2015
02/2016Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2015
01/2016Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2015
12/2015Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2015
12/2015Summary of Studies on Alternative Feedstuffs in Catfish Feeds
11/2015Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2015
11/2015Impact of Grazing Summer Annual Grasses on Livestock Performance
11/2015Soybean Maturity Group Yield and Economic Response to Insecticide Seed Treatmemts and Planting Dates
10/2015Mississippi Corn for Grains Variety Trials, 2015
09/2015Economic Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Mississippi Seafood and Commercial and Saltwater Recreational Sectors in 2010
09/2015A Brief Overview of Catfish Nutrition
08/2015Feed Conversion Ratio for Pond-Raised Catfish
08/2015Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2015
08/2015Mississippi Cool-season Forage Variety Trials, 2015
03/2015Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2014
03/2015Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2014
03/2015Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2014
03/2015Mississippi Native Grass Variety Trials, 2014
02/2015Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2014
02/2015Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2014
01/2015Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2014
12/2014Lower Pearl River Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report
12/2014Switchgrass Production as a Bioenergy Crop in Mississippi
12/2014Proceedings of 39th Annual Horticulture Field Day
12/2014Proceedings of 38th Annual Horticulture Field Day
12/2014Evaluating Impacts of Porous Check Dams on Flow Routing and Sediment Transport in Agricultural Ditches
12/2014Mississippi Sweetpotato Variety Evaluations, 2008?2012
12/2014Socioeconomic Characteristics of Mississippi Lifetime Sportsmen
12/2014Current Mechanization Practices Among Greenhouse and Mixed Nursery/Greenhouse Operations in Selected Gulf South States
12/2014Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2014
12/2014Big Black River Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report
11/2014Mississippi Grain Sorghum Variety Trials, 2014
09/2014Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2013-14
08/2014Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2014
06/2014Economic Impacts of the Mississippi Seafood Industry by Major Species in 2009
05/2014Plant-Based Catfish Feeds
05/2014Weed Management in Switchgrass Produced for a Renewable Bioenergy Source Within a Loblolly Pine Plantation
04/2014Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season FORAGE CROP Variety Trials, 2013
04/2014Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2013
04/2014Mississippi Biomass Feedstock Variety Trials, 2013
02/2014Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- and ALSResistant Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Cotton
02/2014Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- and ALSResistant Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Corn
01/2014Mississippi Forage Variety Trials, 2013
01/2014Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2013
01/2014Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2013
12/2013Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2013
12/2013Weed Control, Yield, and Economics of a One-Pass Land Preparation System for Cotton Production
12/2013License and Size Profiles of Mississippi Seafood and Commercial and Recreational Fishing Sectors
12/2013Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2013
12/2013Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2013
10/2013Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- Resistant Italian Ryegrass in Mississippi
08/2013Mississippi Wheat Variety Trials, 2013
08/2013Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2012-13
06/2013Comparative Quality of Feedstuffs for Catfish Feeds
05/2013A Practical Manual for Understanding the Shell Structure of Broiler Hatching Eggs and Measurements of Their Quality
05/2013Estimation of the Baseline for Assessment of Economics Impacts of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on Mississippi's Commercial Fishing Sector
04/2013Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2012
04/2013Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- and ALS-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Soybean
03/2013Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crops Variety Trials, 2012
02/2013Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crops Variety Trials, 2012
02/2013Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2012
01/2013Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2012
12/2012Big Sunflower River Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report
12/2012Summary of Distillers Grains Studies for Pond-Raised Catfish
12/2012Roundup Ready Soybean Varieties' Response to Reduced Seeding Rates in Narrow-Row Production
12/2012Yazoo River Basin Assessment: Preliminary Report
12/2012Use of Antimicrobials to Extend Shelf Life in Fresh Catfish Fillets
12/2012Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2012
12/2012Summary of Nutrition and Feeding Studies for Pond-Raised Hybrid Catfish
12/2012Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2012
11/2012Installation and Construction of Rice Flood Depth Gauges
09/2012Composition and Formulation of Channel Catfish Feeds
08/2012Mississippi Annual Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2011-12
07/2012Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2012
06/2012Town Creek Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report
06/2012Corn Rotation Restrictions for Corn, Cotton, and Soybean Herbicides
04/2012Ant Diversity at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in Oktibbeha, Noxubee, and Winston Counties, Mississippi
04/2012Thurnderstorms, Lightning Strikes, and Tornadoes in Mississippi
02/2012Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2011
01/2012Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass in Mississippi
01/2012Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2011
12/2011Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2011
11/2011Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2011
11/2011Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- and ALS-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Corn
11/2011Reducing Catfish Feed Cost
11/2011Herbicide Programs for Managing Glyphosate- and ALS-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Mississippi Cotton
09/2011Summary of Current Research on Catfish Fry Pond Management
09/2011Consumer Preferences for Irradiated Oysters
08/2011Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2011
08/2011Upper Pearl River Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report
07/2011Photovoice Training - Giving a Voice to a Photograph
07/2011Effects of Within-Row Plant Spacings on Growth, Boll Retenetion, and Yield of Four Cotton Cultivars
07/2011Consumer Preferences for Postharvest-Processed Raw Oyster Products in Coastal Mississippi
07/2011Consumer Preferences for Postharvest-Processed Raw Oyster Products in Southern California
04/2011Economic Damages of Hurricane Gustav to Seafood Processors and Dealers, Marinas, and Livebait Dealers in Coastal Mississippi
02/2011Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2010
01/2011Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2010
01/2011Peanut Variety Trials, 2011
12/2010Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2010
12/2010Effect of Irrigation and Environment on Growth of Intensia Phlox
12/2010Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2010
12/2010Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi Charter Boats for Hire, Marinas, and Livebait Dealers
12/2010Strategies for Managing Tarnished Plant Bugs in Cotton
10/2010Aflatoxin Accumulation in Commercial Corn Hybrids Artificially Inoculated with Aspergillus flavusin 2008 and 2009
09/2010Methods for Modeling Livestock and Human Sources of Nutrients at Watershed Scale
09/2010Current Mechanization Systems Among Nursery-Only and Mixed Operations in Selected Gulf South States
08/2010Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2010
08/2010Socioeconomic Characteristics of Workers in Nurseries and Greenhouses in the Northern Gulf of Mexico States
08/2010Operational Characteristics of Nurseries and Greenhouses in the Northern Gulf of Mexico States
05/2010Results of Southern Sweetpotato IPM Project in Mississippi
05/2010Planting Date and Pinch Treatments Affect Growth of Field-Grown, Cut-Flower Sunflower Cultivars
03/2010Mississippi Annual Ryegrass Variety Trials, 2008-2009
03/2010Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2009
03/2010Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth and Ryegrass Management
01/2010Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2009
12/2009Sustainable Farming of Freshwater Prawns and the Assurance of Product Quality
12/2009Ingredient Optimization in Fresh, Marinated Catfish Fillets
12/2009Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2009
11/2009Cotton Variety Lint Yield and Fiber Quality Responses to Seeding Rates
11/2009Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2009
11/2009Nonirrigated Spindle Picker 15-Inch and Wide-Row Cotton Production Systems Analysis
08/2009Impact of Nitrogen Rate on the Performance of Three Rice Cultivars Seeded at Varying Densities
08/2009Rice Tolerance to Postemergence Applications of Penoxsulam
08/2009Effect of Pendimethalin Formulation and Application Timing on Stale Seedbed Rice Performance
08/2009Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2009
08/2009Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 2006
08/2009Impacts of Seed and Farm Characteristics on Cottonseed Choice, A Choice-Based Conjoint Experiment in the Mississippi Delta
03/2009Landscape Management and Native Plantings to Preserve the Beach Between Biloxi and Pass Christian, Mississippi
03/2009Mississippi Ryegrass Variety Trials, 2006-2008
03/2009Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2008
03/2009A Weather Summarization Tool for Data Comparisons: Stoneville, MS
03/2009Rice Weed and Pest Management Project 2008 Annual Research Report
01/2009Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 2005
12/2008Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2008
12/2008Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2008
12/2008Identification Guide for Mississippi Species of Wild Hibiscus
12/2008Partial Returns from Cotton Conservation Tillage Practices in the Mississippi Delta
12/2008Studies on Earthworm Castings as Substrate for Flowering Pot Plant Production
12/2008Procedures Used to Calculate Property Taxes for Agricultural Land in Mississippi
11/2008Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2008
10/20082007 Fall Vegetable Observational Trial MAFES Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station
10/2008Economic Evaluation of a Fed-Cattle Production System Incorporating Corn Grazing
09/2008Economic Impact of Conservation Field Borders on Farm Operations
09/2008What is the Cost of Gain for Stocker Cattle on Ryegrass Pasture?
09/2008Evaluation of Cotton Populations for Agronomic and Fiber Traits after Different Cycles of Random Mating
08/2008Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2008
08/2008Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 2004
08/2008Mississippi Soil Surveys
06/2008Mississippi Agricultural Land Values and Rental Rates
04/2008Rice Weed and Pest Management Project - 2007 Annual Research Report
04/2008Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Commercial Fishing Fleet
02/2008Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2007
01/2008Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2007
01/2008An Estimation of Producer Returns from Bt Cotton with Varying Refuge Sizes
12/2007Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2007
12/2007Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2007
12/2007Catfish Feeds and Feeding
11/2007Custom Rates in Mississippi Agriculture, 2007
11/2007Mississippi Corn for Silage Hybrid Trials, 2007
10/2007Freshwater Prawn Cost of Production
08/2007Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2007
08/2007Carpenter Ants of Mississippi
08/2007Effects of Fish Size and Feeding Frequency on Channel Catfish Production
08/2007Apple Cultivar Responses to Fruit Thinning Agents Accel and Carbaryl in Northern Mississippi
06/2007Economic Impact of the Mississippi Poultry Industry 2007
06/2007Summary of Precision-Farming Practices and Perceptions of Mississippi Cotton Producers
04/2007Catfish Protein Nutrition: Revised
03/2007Preliminary Comparisons of Molasses Tubs, Grain, or Clover Pasture for Supplementing Beef Heifers Fed Bermudagrass Hay Free Choice
03/2007Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi Seafood Processors and Dealers
03/2007Rice Weed and Pest Management Project 2006 Annual Research Report
03/2007Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2006
03/2007An Episode of Infectious Laryngotractheitis Affecting Mississippi Broiler-Breeders and Broilers in 2002-2003
03/2007Mississippi Corn for Silage Hybrid Trials, 2006
01/2007Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2006
01/2007Mississippi Soybean for Grain Variety Trials, 2006
12/2006Pedigrees of Upland and Pima Cotton Cultivars Released Between 1970 and 2005
12/2006A Key to the Thrips on Seedling Cotton in the Midsouthern United States
11/2006Mississippi Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 2006
11/2006Mississippi Ryegrass Variety Trials, 2004-2006
10/2006Studies on Postharvest Quality of Passion Fruit
10/2006Rice Grain Yield Response to Nitrogen Fertilization for Newly Released Cultivars and Hybrids
09/2006A Guide to Ticks of Mississippi
08/2006Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2006
06/2006Opinions of U.S. Consumers Toward Marine Shrimp: Results of a 2000-2001 Survey
06/2006Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 2002
04/2006Comparison of Two Inoculation Methods for Evaluating Corn for Resistance to Aflatoxin Contamination
04/2006Long-Term No-Till and Conventional-Till Soybean Yields (1983-1999)
04/2006Weed Populations in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Management Cotton and Soybean Systems
04/2006A Demonstration Trial of Biofungicides with Efficacy for Controlling Dollar Spot in Turfgrasses
04/2006Thrips Control Response to Temik and Gaucho in UNR Cotton
03/2006Mississippi People -- Contributors to Boll Weevil Eradication
03/2006Mississippi Corn for Silage Hybrid Trials, 2005
02/2006Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2005
02/2006Mississippi Corn for Grain and Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2005
01/2006Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2005
01/2006Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2005
12/2005Disease Investigations on Cotton, Rice, and Soybean in the Mississippi Delta - March 2004-March 2005
12/2005Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2004
12/2005Current Agricultural Practices of the Mississippi Delta
11/2005Opinions of Rural and Urban Consumers Toward Freshwater Prawns: Results from 2003 and 2004 Surveys
11/2005Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 2001
08/2005A Summary of Catfish Nutrition Research Conducted Under a Cooperative Agreement Between MAFES and Delta Western Research Center
08/2005Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2005
05/2005Use of Prediction Tables for Soybean Growth and Maturity in the Mississippi Delta
05/2005Impacts of Taste, Location of Origin, and Health Information on Market Demand for Sweetpotatoes
04/2005Potential of Primitive Accessions for Cotton Improvement
03/2005Response of Rabbiteye Blueberries to Chemical Thinning Agents
02/2005Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2004
12/2004Mississippi Wheat/Oat Variety Trials, 2004
12/2004Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2004
12/2004Primitive Cotton Germplasm: Yield and Fiber Traits for 21 Day-Neutral Accessions
12/2004Mississippi Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2004
11/2004Mississippi Corn for Grain and Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2004
10/2004Summary of Phytase Studies for Channel Catfish
10/2004Annual Weed Control with Cultivation and Band-Applied Herbicides in Roundup Ready Cotton
10/2004Redvine Control with No-Till Cotton on Clay Soil, 1995-2002
10/2004Ivyleaf Morningglory Control with Roundup in Roundup Ready Cotton
09/2004Market Potential for "Mississippi Grown" Cut Flowers
09/2004Chlorine Did Not Reduce Plant Production by Sweetpotato Seed Stock
08/2004Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2001
08/2004Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2003
08/2004Economic Analysis of Selected Rice Varieties (2004)
08/2004Exploring the Feasibility of Growing Maturity Group III Soybeans in Mississippi
04/2004Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2000
02/2004Economic Impacts from Agricultural Production in Mississippi
02/2004Annual Report of the North MS Research and Extension Center Summary, 2003
02/2004Evaluation of Native Grass Cultivars for Mississippi Golf Course Natural Areas Under Variable Management: Part II -- Soil pH of 6.5
01/2004Mississippi Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 2003
01/2004Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2003
12/2003Mississippi Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2003
12/2003Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 2003
12/2003Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2003
10/2003Weed Management Systems for Conventional and Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean Following Rice
08/2003Rice Fertilization
08/20031996 Catfish Processors' Workshop Proceedings
08/2003Freshwater Prawns in Temperate Climates
08/2003Economic & Environmental Benefits of Rice Production in the Mississippi Delta
07/2003Genetically Based Increases in Cotton Plant Lint Biosynthesis
07/2003Opinions of U.S. Consumers Toward Oysters: Results of a 2000-2001 Survey
07/2003Opinions of U.S. Consumers About Farm-Raised Catfish: Results of a 2000-2001 Survey
06/2003Evaluation of Native Grass Cultivars for MS Golf Course Natural Areas Under Variable Management: Part 1 -- Soil pH of 5.2
05/2003Structure and Technical Compositions of an Internet-Based Soybean Database
03/2003Economic & Environmental Impacts of Variable-Rate Fertilizer Application in Mississippi
03/2003Use of Primitive Accessions of Cotton as Sources of Genes for Improving Yield Components and Fiber Properties
02/2003The Respiratory Outbreak in Mississippi Broilers During 1998
01/2003Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2002
01/2003Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2002
01/2003Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2002
01/2003Attitudes of Small Beef Producers Toward Selected Production and Marketing Practices
01/2003Attitudes of Large Beef Producers Toward Selected Production and Marketing Practices
12/2002Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials
12/2002Mississippi Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 2002
11/2002Mississippi Corn for Silage Variety Trials, 2002
11/2002Lay-By Herbicides for Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton
10/2002Annual Weed Control in Roundup Ready Cotton with conventional and Minimum Tillage Production Systems
10/2002Thrips on MS Seedling Cotton: Pest Overview and 15-Year Summary of Pesticide Evaluation
09/2002Mississippi Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2002
09/2002Economic Potential of a Cotton-Corn Rotation
08/2002Summary of Precision Farming Practices and Perceptions of Mississippi Cotton Producers
06/2002Mississippi Broiler Litter: Fertilizer Value and Quantity Produced
06/2002Johnsongrass and Palmer Amaranth Control in Conventional-Till and No-Till Systems with roundup Ready Cotton
05/2002Small Differences in Planting Dates Affect Soybean Performance
05/2002Economic Analysis of Selected Rice Varieties (2002)
04/2002Seed Vigor Testing of Subtropical Corn Hybrids
04/2002Fishy 2002
04/2002Agricultural Land and Water Use in Mississippi, 1982-1998
03/2002Systems to Reduce the Cost of Preconditioning Purchased Calves
03/2002Effect of Different Nozzle Types on Drift and Efficacy of Roundup Ultra
02/2002Production of the Red Swamp Crayfish in Earthen Ponds without Planted Forage: Management and Practices
02/2002The Estimated Cost of Producing Sweetpotato Slips 2001
02/2002Fall Tillage for Soybean Grown on Delta Clay Soils
01/2002Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2001
01/2002Economic Impact of the Mississippi Poultry Industry at the Year 2002
11/2001Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2001
11/2001Mississippi Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 2001
11/2001Mississippi Corn for Silage Variety Trials, 2001
11/2001A Practical Guide to Nutrition, Feeds, and Feeding of Catfish (Second Revision)
11/2001Cotton Producers' Use of Alternative Marketing Strategies: Selected Survey Results
09/2001Investment Analysis of Commercial Variable Rate and Conventional Fertilizer Spreading Systems
09/2001Effects of Algicides on Populations of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Algae on a Bermudagrass Putting Green
08/2001Primitive Cotton Germplasm: Yield and Fiber Traits for 16 Day-Neutral Accessions
08/2001Economics of Turfgrass Establishment
08/2001Mississippi Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2001
08/2001Mississippi Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2001
08/2001A Spatial Inventory of Mississippi's Agribusiness Sector
08/2001Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 1999
08/2001Regional Differences in Consumer Demand for Beef Rib-eye Steak Attributes
08/2001Should I Lease or Buy?
07/2001A Field Guide to Boll Weevil Identification
07/2001MS-501, MS-503, and MS-510: Insect-Resistant Sweetpotato Germplasm
07/2001Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) A Multi-State Survey
07/2001Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station 2001
07/2001Custom Rates for Mississippi Agriculture, 2000
06/2001Effects of Root-Knot Nematodes on Distribution of Amino Acids in Cotton Root Galls
06/2001Arsenic Concentrations in Selected Soils and Parent Materials in Mississippi
06/2001Forage Species Tolerance to Imazapyr and Imazapic
06/2001Effect of Weed Control Treatments on Irrigated ESPS Soybean Yield and Net Return
05/2001Effects of Foliar Application of Boron and Dimilin on Soybean Yield
05/2001Nutrient Characteristics of Pond-Raised Channel Catfish
04/2001Fall Deep Tillage of Tunica and Sharkey Clay - Residual Effects on Soybean Yield and Net Return
04/2001Potential for Multicrop Revenue Insurance to Serve the Needs of Mississippi Crop Producers
03/2001Impact of Diuron Usage on the Mississippi Catfish Industry
02/2001North Mississippi Research and Extension Center Annual Report 2000
02/2001Public Perception about Agricultural Pollution in Mississippi
01/2001Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2000
12/2000Proceedings 1998 Catfish Processors' Workshop
12/2000Costs & Returns for Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, & Wheat in Mississippi
12/2000Wheat & Oat Variety Trials, 2000
12/2000Crop Insurance in the Midsouth
11/2000Economic Analysis for the Use of Dairy Effluent to Produce Kenaf for Whole-Stalk Freestall Bedding
11/2000Mississippi Corn for Silage Variety Trials, 2000
11/2000Yield Performance of Clearfield Corn Hybrids
11/2000Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2000
11/2000Mississippi Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 2000
09/2000Costs an Returns of Catfish Pond Production in the Mississippi Black Belt Area
08/2000Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 1999
08/2000Mississippi Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2000
07/2000Performance of Apple and Pear Cultivars in Northern Mississippi, 1987-1994
05/2000Estimated Costs & Returns for Sweetpotatoes in Mississippi, 2000
05/2000A Windows - Oriented Computer Program for Cattle Production Management and Reports
05/2000Directory of Aquaculture Professionals 2000
05/2000Ivyleaf Morningglory and Slender Amaranth Control in BXN Cotton
03/2000Influence of Nitrogen and Calcium Fertilizer on Fire Blight Susceptibility of Royal Gala Apple Trees
03/2000Potassium Nutrition of Cotton
03/2000Evaluation of Selected Seed Treatment Fungicides and Combinations for Kenaf Stand Establishment
02/2000Cotton & Annual Weed Response from Normal and Reduced Herbicide Input Practices, 1989-98
01/2000Nematode management Inveigins in Mississippi, 1998
01/2000Soybeans--1999 Variety Trials
01/2000Mississippi Rice Variety Trials, 1999
01/2000Corn for Silage Variety Trials, 1999
01/2000Corn for Grain Variety Trials, 1999
01/2000Mississippi Agricultural Land Prices and Rental Rates: A Preliminary Report
12/1999Managing Field Corn Infected with CommonRust
12/1999Residual Effects on Cotton
12/1999Minimal Effects of Foliar Applications of Gibberellic Acid and Carbohydrates on the Yield of Cotton Lint
12/1999Aflatoxin Accumulation in Commercial Corn Hybrids in 1998
12/1999Wheat and Oat Variety Trials, 1999
12/1999Malathion Fate in Water and Catfish
09/1999Effect of Seeding and Tillage Method on Yield of Jackson Ryegrass
09/1999Catfish Protein Nutrition
08/19991999 Forage Crops Variety Trials
08/1999Turf Performance of Seeded Bermudagrass Cultivars in Mississippi
07/1999Operational and Cost Characteristics of the Cotton Ginning Industry in Mississippi
06/1999ForPlanner - A Computer Program for Planning Forestry Activities
06/1999Understanding Crop Insurance Principles: A Primer for Farm Leaders
05/1999Insecticide Trials for Control of Tarnished Plant Bug on Cotton
05/1999Group IV Soybean Seed Quality
04/19991997 Costs and Returns for Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, & Wheat in Mississippi
02/1999Comparison of Two Treatment Methods and Four Insecticides for Control of Individual Fire Ant Mounds
02/1999Evaluation of Diatomaceous Earth Topdressing for Cyanobacterial Suppression on Bermudagrass Putting Greens
02/1999Estimated Costs and Returns of Strawberries in South Mississippi, 1997
12/1998Wheat and Oats Variety Trials, 1998
12/1998Forage Crop Variety Trials, 1998
12/1998Corn For Grain Variety Trials, 1998
12/1998Rice Variety Trials, 1998
12/1998Soybeans--1998 Variety Trials
12/1998Catfish Vitamin Nutrition
12/1998Nematode Management Investigations in Mississippi, 1997
12/1998Development of Sustainable, Cost-Efficient Strategies for Managing Cotton Insects -- An Interim Report
12/1998European Corn Borer in Mississippi Cotton
12/1998Impact of Imported Fire Ants on Mississippi Soils
12/1998Cotton Germplasm: Root-Knot Nematode Resistance in Day-Neutral Primitive Accessions
12/19981998 Cotton Variety Trials
04/1998Alfalfa Variety Trials in South Mississippi 1992-1996
04/1998Storage Stability and Some Costs of Cryogenically Frozen, Whole Freshwater Prawns
04/1998Costs and Returns for Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, and Wheat in Mississippi, 1996
03/1998A Modified Implement for Constructing Wide Beds for Crop Production
12/1997Rice Variety Trials, 1997
12/1997Forage Crops Variety Trials 1997
12/1997Development and Implementation of Fisheries Bycatch Monitoring Programs in the Gulf of Mexico
12/1997Corn Hybrids For Silage, 1997
12/1997Corn for Grain Variety Trials 1997
12/1997Poinsettia Cultivar Evaluation, 1997
12/1997Earthworm Castings Increase Germination Rate and Seedling Development of Cucumber
10/1997Beef Production from Holstein Steers on No-Till Ryegrass Pastures
07/1997Mississippi Sweetpotato Cultivar Evaluations for 1994, 1995, and 1996
07/1997Pedigrees of Upland and Pima Cotton Cultivars Released Between 1970 and 1995
06/1997Soils of Native Prairie Remnants in the Jackson Prairie Region of Mississippi
06/1997Monitoring Node Above White Flower as Basis for Cotton Insecticide Treatment Termination
05/1997Costs and Returns for Cotton, Corn, and Soybeans in the Brown Loam Area of Mississippi, 1995
02/1997Beef Cow-Calf Productivity as Influenced by Forage-Management Systems
12/1996The Impact of the Turfgrass Industry on Mississippi's Economy
12/1996Influence of Spike-tooth Aeration on Permanent Pastures in Mississipi
12/1996Straight versus Contour Levee Rice Production Practices in Mississippi
12/1996Preplant Use of 2,4-D in Rice
12/1996Rearing Tobacco Budworm and Bollworm for Host Plant Resistance Research
12/1996The Dollars & Sense of Hay Production
12/1996Effects of Vegetative Filter Strip Width on Reducing Fluometuron and Noflurazon Losses in Surface Runoff
12/1996Effect of a Long-Juvenile Trait upon Flowering in Soybeans Grown in Short and Long Photoperiods
12/1996Broadcast Fertilizer Losses in Runoff
12/1996Virus and Virus-Like Particles Found in Southern Pine Beetle Adults in Mississippi and Georgia
12/1996Lime and Nitrogen for Bahiagrass Production
12/1996Preemergence Herbicide Trials in Kenaf
11/1996MS-Choice, MS-Express, and MS-Pride: Three New Turf-type Bermudagrasses
11/1996Pendimethalin as a Delayed Preemergence Herbicide in Rice
10/1996Bermudagrass Variety Evaluations in South Mississippi
10/1996Weather and Cotton Growth: Present and Future
10/1996Economic Evaluation of Overseeded Ryegrass and Hay Quality for Wintering Beef Cows in South Mississippi
09/1996Sharkey Soils in Mississippi
09/1996Influence of Various Compounds and Temperature on Activity of Dropp? Defoliant on Cotton
08/1996Cost of Producing Narrow-Row Cotton in Mississippi (A Case Study)
08/1996Perceptions of Mississippians Concerning the Poultry Industry
08/1996Peach Bloom Delay and Tree Response to Fall Application of Ethephon
08/1996Productivity in MS Delta Prime Farmlands Drastically Disturbed By Simulated Surface Mining
07/1996Cost and Changes of Cotton Insect Control in Mississippi 1992-1995
07/1996Costs and Returns for Cotton, Rice, and Soybeans in the Delta Area of Mississippi, 1994
06/1996Major Diseases of Heliothis virescens and Helicoverpazea in Mississippi Fields and Insectaries
06/1996Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Mass Rearing Noctuid Insects
06/1996Effects of Soubean Tillage Systems on Imazaquin Persistence
06/1996Potential Stale Seedbed Herbicide Combinations for Cotton
06/1996Evaluation of Kenaf Growth Media as a Substitute for Pine Bark
06/1996The Effect of Post-Directed and Over-the-top Application of Herbicides on Kenaf
06/1996USDA and MAFES Cooperative Soil Conservation Studies at Holly Springs 1956-1996
05/1996Turf Performance of St. Augustinegrass Cultivars in North Mississippi
05/1996Broiler Litter as a Feed Supplement in Replacement Heifer Diets
04/1996Japanese Plum Cultivar Evaluations in Northern and Southern Mississippi
03/1996A Practical Guide to Nutrition, Feeds & Feeding of Catfish
02/1996Revised Protocol for Scouting Arthropod Pests of Cotton in the Midsouth
02/1996Open Storage of Soybean Seed in Mississippi
02/1996Evaluation of Nectarine Cultivars in Northern and Southern Mississippi
01/1996Rice Water Use and Costs in the Mississippi Delta
11/1995Catfish Nutrition Production Research
11/1995Evaluation of Rates and Methods of Application of P and K in a Conservation Tillage System
10/1995Weed Control in Rice with Propanil plus Triclopyr Combinations
10/1995Seed Maturation & Establishment of Hardseededness in Pinkeye Purple Hull Southern Peas
10/1995Cow-Calf Management Calendar
09/1995Management Practices for Culture of Freshwater Prawns in Temperate Climates
09/1995SPODOSOLS in Mississippi
09/1995Propanil Tolerant Barnyardgrass Confirmed in Mississippi
08/1995Effects of Bioregulators on Development & Reproduction of Root-Knot Nematodes in Cotton
08/1995Strategies for Improving Physiological Seed Quality
07/1995Wheat and Oats 1995 Variety Trials
05/1995Days Suitable for Fieldwork in Mississippi
05/1995Useful Tools in Managing Cotton Production: End of Season Plant Maps
05/1995Economic Comparison of Cow-Calf Forage Systems with Four Stocking Rates for South Mississippi
05/1995Spot-treating Johnsongrass in Corn with Accent and Beacon
05/1995Temporal Water Table Levels and Characteristics of Representative Mississippi Soils
03/1995Effects of Sequential Applications of Paraquat and Sodium Chlorate on Cotton Defoliation
02/1995Redvine Control in No-Till Soybeans With and Without Irrigation
01/1995Efficacy of Propanil Formulations on Various Stages of Barnyardgrass - Rice
10/1994Feeding Catfish
08/1994Growth Stage Comparison Of Postemergence Herbicides On Three Grass Species
08/1994Summary of Fruit & Nut Research
08/1994Pedigrees of Upland and Pima Cotton Cultivars Released Between 1970 and 1990
07/1994Analyses of the Effects of Weather Factors on Predicted Cotton Growth & Yield
07/1994Fall Deep Tillage of Clay: Agronomic and Economic Benefits to Soybeans
06/1994An Economic Analysis of Producing Surimi from Catfish Byproducts
06/1994Catfish Feed Manufacture
05/1994A Summary of Kenaf Production and Product Development Research 1989-1993
04/1994Influence of Additives on Facet Efficacy in Rice
02/1994Consumer Acceptance of Preserves Made with Rabbiteye Blueberries
01/1994Rice Weed Control with Quinclorac
12/1993Compatibility of Gibberellic Acid and Postemergence Herbicides in Rice
11/1993An Economic Analysis of Alternative Calf Management Practices
11/1993Yield of Semidormant and Nondormant Alfalfa Varieties in Mississippi
10/1993Injector Planner - A Spreadsheet Approach to Fertilization Management for Greenhouse Tomatoes
10/1993Effect of Protectant and Eradicant Fungicides on Area Under the Leaf Rust Progress Curve, Yield, and Kernel Weight of Mississippi Winter Wheat
08/1993Selenium Supplementation of Grazing Beef Cattle
08/1993Cotton Yield and Yield Risk of Mississippi Farmers Using Professional Scouting Services
07/1993Heavy Metal Concentration in Selected Soils and parent Materials in Mississippi
07/1993Evaluation of the Performance of Heritage & Modern Roses
07/1993Whole Shelled Corn Diets for Finishing Beef Steers
06/1993Soybean Yield Increases in Mississippi Due to Rotations with Rice
05/1993Kenaf - Tolerance to Various Postemergence Herbicides Registered for Other Crops Grown in the Delta of Mississippi
04/1993Estimating Field Emergence of Grain Sorghum
03/1993Soybean Response to Quinclorac and Triclopyr
02/1993Expansive Soils in Mississippi
02/1993Effect of Rate and Date of Ammonium Nitrate Application on Yield of Ryegrass
02/1993Effect of Herbicide Combinations for Postemergence Control of Virginia Buttonweed
02/1993Temperature Effects on Cotton
12/1992Cotton Injury from Simulated Quinclorac and Triclopyr Drift
12/1992Rice Levee Construction and Seepage Losses on Sharkey Clay
12/1992Farm Crime in Mississippi
10/1992Economic Analysis of Production of Freshwater Shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
08/1992Chip Quality Survey for Sawmills in the Southeastern United States
08/1992Chemical, Mechanical, and Economic Relationships of Weed Control Methods in Mississippi Cotton
06/1992A Practical Guide for Poultry Litter Composting
06/1992The Effects of Lay-by Herbicides on Wheat, Vetch, and Winter Weeds as Cover Crops for Cotton
11/1991Johnsongrass - Control in Corn With and Without Preplant Tillage
10/1991A Practical Guide to Nutrition, Feeds, & Feeding of Catfish
07/1991Ivyleaf Morningglory Control In Soybeans with Serial Herbicide Applications
06/1991Scouting Protocol for Arthropod Pests of Cotton in the MidSouth
06/1991Interference and Postemergence Control of Hemp Sesbania in Cotton
04/1991Nitrogen Requirements for Wheat in a Doublecropping System
03/1991Preemergence Control of Velvetleaf and Common Cocklebur in Cotton
03/1991The Use of Dessicants For Field Drying Grain Sorghum With and Without Weeds
01/1991Forestry and Mississippi's Forest Resrouces: Their Economic Importance
01/1991The Costs of Cotton Harvesting Systems in the Mississippi Delta
09/1990Economic Comparison of Intesive Cow -- Calf Forage Systems for South Mississippi, September, 1990
09/1990Selected Climatological Features Affecting Agriculture and Forestry in Mississippi (pages 1-44)
09/1990Selected Climatological Features Affecting Agriculture and Forestry in Mississippi (pages 45-63)
05/1990Influence of Cultural Variables on Insect Populations in Soybeans
05/1990Timber harvesting in the Southern United Sates, A Sociological Analysis and Research Proposal
03/1990Influence of Rice Production on Subsequent Cotton Growth and Yield
12/1989Socioeconomic Conditions: The Mississippi Delta
10/1989Progress In Breeding Pecans for Disease Resistance
10/1989Perennial Vine Competition & Control
08/1989A Summary of Processing Research on Freshwater Prawns
08/1989Effect of Sprinkler Irrigation on Open Cotton Flowers
08/1989Potential for Use of Rainfall During Permanent Flood of Rice in Mississippi
07/1989Fescue, Fescue-Clover, and Ryegrass for Stocker Production and Profitability
04/19891983-1987 The Influence of Winter Vegetation on Seedbed Preparation and Weed Control in Cotton
03/19891985-1988 Acreage Allocated to Conservation Tillage Practices in Mississippi
02/1989Herbicide Application Technology in Mississippi Cotton
06/1988Comparison of Methods for Spot Treating Johnsongrass in Cotton
01/1988Planning & Priorities for Timber harvesting Research in the Southern United States
11/1987Weed Population Changes in No-till Soybeans
10/1987Costs of Processing & Hauling Freshwater Shrimp in Mississippi
05/1987Establishing a Peach Hedgerow Orchard
05/1987Soybean Yield and Economic Response to Broadcast Incorporated and Deep Band Placement of Lime on Low pH Soils
12/1986Ammoniated Hay for Cow Wintering Diets
10/1986Ten Cropping Systems Evaluated for Mississippi
09/1986Evaluation of Peach Cultivars for North Mississippi, 1973-1986
08/1986A History of the Delta Branch Experiment Station 1904-1985
06/1986Response of Cotton to Selected Herbicides Applied to Simulate Drift
05/1986Herbicide Screening Studies in Warm Season Turfgrasses - 1985
01/1986Economic analysis of stale seedbed concept of soybean production on clay soil
01/1986Impacts of Selected Policies and Technology on the Economic Viability of General Crops Farms in the Delta Region of Mississippi
11/1985Establishment and Maintenance of Rabbiteye Blueberries
11/1985Effectiveness of Grass Herbicides on Different Types of Bermudagrass
07/1985Combining Tarnished Plant Bug Resistance with Frego Bract
06/1985SLOSS (Soil Loss) An Interactive Model for Microcomputers
05/1985Red Rice Control with Postemergence Herbicides
02/1985Effect of Location and Diet on Performance and Profitability of Finishing Mississippi Beef Steers After Winter Grazing
01/1985Postemergence Herbicides and Trifluralin for Control of Rhizome Johnsongrass in Cotton
12/1984Postemergence Herbicide Treatments for Control of Johnsongrass in Soybeans With and Without Preplant Soil Incorporated and Preemergence Herbicides
09/1984The Influence of Binary Seed Mixtures of 'Stoneville 825' and 'Deltapine 41' Cotton Varieties on Their Performance
04/1984An Economic Analysis of Soybean Yield Response to Irrigation of Mississippi River Delta Soils
12/1983A Bibliography of the Diseases and Parasites of Channel Catfish
12/1983A Study of Slow Rusting of Southern Rust of Corn: Preliminary Report
12/1983The Influence of Winter Vegetation on Seedbed Preparation and Weed Control in Cotton
12/1983Hybrid Corn Performance Trials in 1983
10/1983Research With Pecan Nursery Trees in Containers and Orchards
09/1983General Characteristics of Selected Cotton Varieties
07/1983Principles of Water Management for Soybean Production
07/1983Morningglories in the Delta of Mississippi
06/1983Establishment and Maintenance of Muscadine Vineyards
06/1983Tillage and Weed Control Practices in Soybeans Grown on Sharkey Clay Soil
06/1983Archive Copy - Establishment & Maintenance of Muscadine Vineyards (updated publication P2290)
03/1983Southern Pine Beetle: The Host Dimension
02/1983The Effect of Planting Date, Row Spacing and Variety on Soybean Yield in Mississippi
01/1983Evaluation of F3 and F4 Lines of Cotton From Crosses of Race Accessions with Upland For Resistance to Bacterial Blight
01/19831982 Hybrid Corn Performance Trials
01/1983Patio Peach Trees From Cuttings
01/1983Grain Sorghum Performance Trials 1982
10/1982Microbiological Characteristics of Vacuum-CO2- Packaged Broiler Carcasses
09/1982Effects of Various Settings and Speeds of the Beehiv e Machine on the Composition of Mechanically Deboned Beef and Pork
08/1982Multiple Practices for Control of Johnsongrass in Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum (L.) Pers.)
08/1982Herbicides for Controlling a Mixed Population of Johnsongrass and Common Cocklebur in Soybeans.
06/1982"Miss Blanc" A New Bunch Grape Cultivar
05/1982Anatomy of the Digestive System of Heliothis zea (Lipidoptera; Noctuidae) Larvae
04/1982Evaluation of Fungicides for Treatment of Rice Planting Seed, 1976-81
04/1982Mississippi Grain Sorghum Performance Trials 1981
04/1982Making Bottle-Fermented Sparkling Wine at Home
03/1982A Smal lWinery Rinsing Device for Grape-Harvesting Containers
02/19821981 Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials
11/1981Ratings of Plants in Pine Plantations as White-tailed Deer Food
11/1981Control of Sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia L.) in Soybeans
11/1981Mississippi Hybrid Corn Performance Trials in 1981
10/1981Changes in Communting in Mississippi from 1960 to 1970
08/1981Stand-Age Analysis of Timber on Mississippi's Private, Nonindusrial Forests
07/1981Cotton Response to Subsoiling and Chiseling of Sandy Loam Soil
03/1981Production Efficiency of Rubber-tired Cable Skidders
02/19811980 Mississippi Cotton Variety Tests
02/1981Influence of Row Spacing on New DES Cotton Varieties and Strains
02/1981Sobyean Response to Tillage of Sharkey Clay Soil
02/1981Investment, Operating Costs and Estimated Returns for 500- and 1000-Head Beef Cattle Feedlots, Mississippi, 1979
01/19811980 Mississippi Hybrid Corn Performance Trials
10/1980Perceived Changes in Quality of life of Open-Country Residents in Six Mississippi Counties
05/1980Johnsongrass as a Forage In Mississippi
04/1980Mississippi Grain Sorghum Performance Trials in 1979
02/1980Mississippi Cotton Variety Tests in 1979
01/1980Mississippi Hybrid Corn Performance Trials in 1979
12/1979Tall Fescue in Mississippi
11/1979Educational Aspirations And Achievements Of Rural And Small Town Mississippi Youth
11/1979Occupational Knowledge And The Vocational Aspirations And Expectations Of Southern Non-Metropolitan Male Youth
10/1979Germplasm Release of 81 F5 Flowering Lines of Cotton Involving 54 Gossypium hirsutum L. Race Accessions
05/1979Fall Armyworm On Sorghum: Other Hosts
03/1979Mississippi Cotton Variety Tests in 1978
02/1979Mississippi Grain Sorghum Performance Trials in 1978
01/1979Mississippi Hybrid Corn Performance Trials in 1978
01/1979Variety Evaluation of Winter Annual Forage Crops, 1976-77
12/1978White Clover Production in Mississippi
09/1978Profitability of Systems For Growing and Finishing Weaned Calves in the Upper Coastal Plain of Mississippi
08/1978Forestry and the Mississippi Economy
08/1978Pasture Weed Control in Mississippi
07/1978An Economic Analysis of Producing Pond-Raised Catfish for Food in Mississippi
04/1978Sequential and Tank Mix Combinations of Selected Herbicides for Control of Prickly Sida and Seedling Johnsongrass in Cotton
04/1978Mississippi Grain Sorghum Performance Trials in 1977
04/1978Guidelines for Growing Alfalfa in Mississippi
01/1978Effect of Nitrogen Levels and Stocking Rates on Profitability of Winter Grazing
01/1978Mississippi Cotton Variety Tests in 1977
12/1977On-Farm Soybean Storage: Cost and Potential Returns
05/1977Soil Resource Areas of Mississippi
11/1967Factors Affecting The Incidence of Blood Spots in Eggs
06/1890Cotton Leaf Worm
02/1890Charbon (1890)
08/1889Diseases for Sheep and Calves
06/1889Hay Presses
06/1889Charbon (1889)