Foundation Seed

Foundation Seed


Mississippi Foundation Seed Stocks was established and organized under the direction of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. Its purpose is providing Mississippi certified seed producers consistent and continuing access to high quality seed of newly developed and existing public plant varieties of various species produced in Mississippi. This is accomplished through the efficient multiplication of ‘breeder seed’ to become foundation seed that is the basis for certified seed production.

This role primarily involves a threefold process that involves purity, quality, and quantity.


  • High genetic seed purity: A homogenous representation of the breeder’s description for a given variety. (Goal is seed free from genetics that would produce plants not consistent with a given variety)
  • High physical seed purity: Contamination from seed of other crop kinds, weed seeds, and inert materials is extremely minimal and within established tolerances.

High Physiological Seed Quality:

  • Healthy seed that are high in both germination and vigor.

Correct Seed Quantity:

  • Volumes of seed produced should be adequate to meet needs of Mississippi seed producers but low enough to eliminate oversupply issues.


Mississippi Foundation Seed Stocks, which are made available for general release to the public, are produced, conditioned, and allocated under regulations pertaining to foundation class as established by the Mississippi Crop Improvement Association and/or the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies.

Foundation seed stocks are equitably allotted and sold to Mississippi certified seed or vegetative plant producers at a price established by MAFES. After the requirements of Mississippi certified seed or vegetative plant producers have been satisfied, foundation seed or plants may be sold to other producers in Mississippi or other states. However, in the case of newly released varieties, limited quantities of the initial increase of foundation seed or plants may be immediately allotted for the utilization of certified seed producers in other states where the variety is adapted, if such interest exists.