Branch Experiment Stations

MAFES includes 12 branch experiment stations/units and 4 research and extension centers throughout the state. The branch stations allow researchers to experiment with different soil types, climates and geography to determine the most suitable crops, ornamentals and forage crops for each area of the state.

Research and Extension Centers

To expand upon research conducted at MSU and the Main Station units, MAFES includes four major Research and Extention Centers throughout the state. With each branch controlling its own group of experiment stations and research facilities, MAFES locations and efforts proudly span the entire state of Mississippi and beyond.

Main Station Units

Located on or near the campus of Mississippi State University, these units and research centers comprise the MAFES Main Station.

Research Departments

Scientists and researchers affiliated with the following departments at Mississippi State University are responsible for much of the research done by MAFES.

Centers and Institutes