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H. H. Leveck Animal Research Center


The H. H. Leveck Animal Research Center (referred to as South Farm by MSU personnel) provides a very important land resource which supports departmental teaching and various research activities associated with Animal Science curriculum. It provides the students of Animal and Dairy Sciences contact with modern techniques in animal agriculture as well as the opportunity for practical work experience. These experiments give the students insight into many technical challenges associated with the animal production industry.

About Us

The H. H. Leveck Animal Research Center is made up of some 1100+ acres that lies just south of the Mississippi State University campus. The center is dedicated to livestock and forage production research. The largest percentage of acres on the center are dedicated to beef research and support of the base beef cattle herds. The second largest area on the center is the horse unit. The research and breeding program continues to grow along with the equine industry in the state.

This facility also houses the Poultry Science Research, Aquaculture Research area, a bird facility, and an observatory maintained and used by the Physics Department.

The Research Support Staff on the South Farm is responsible for land, labor, and equipment to aid research scientists in implementing their research projects. They are also responsible for forage production grounds, water lines, perimeter fences and exteriors of buildings.

South Farm Aquacultural Facility

South Farm aquaculture research facility, is an on-campus aquaculture facility that provides opportunities to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates to conduct aquaculture related research here at Mississippi State University. South Farm has close collaborative ties with the USDA-APHIS wildlife services unit as well as the Hill County Initiative through the USDA-ARS.

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Sammy Jones
Farm Supervisor

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S. Farm Road
Starkville, MS 39759