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2021 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program

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Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

Damage Kernal Total

Damage Kernel Total (pdf|excel)

Soybean 2021 Planting Dates
Location Planting Date Harvest Dates Soil Type Row Spacing
Brooksville (Non-Irrigated), Black Belt Branch Station 04/23 09/27 (all IV's), 10/7 (all V's) Brooksville silty clay 19"
Brooksville (Irrigated) 04/29 10/12 (all groups) Brooksville silty clay 30"
Clarksdale (Irrigated) 05/08 10/11 (all groups) Sharkey clay 30"
Crystal Springs (Non-Irrigated) 04/27 10/14 (all groups) Providence silt loam 19"
Longwood (Irrigated) 04/28 10/11 (all groups) Sharkey clay 19"
Olive Branch (Non-Irrigated) 05/19 10/20 (all groups) Collins silt loam 19"
Stoneville-loam (Non-Irrigated), Delta Branch Station 04/21 09/24 (all groups) Bosket very fine sandy loam 19"
Stoneville-clay (Irrigated), Delta Branch Station 04/30 10/6 (all groups) Sharkey clay 30"
Stoneville-loam (Irrigated), Delta Branch Station 04/30 09/24 (all IV's), 10/6 (all V's) Bosket very fine sandy loam 30"
Tippo (Non-Irrigated) 04/21 09/27 (all groups) Dundee & Tensas silt loam 19"
Verona (Non-Irrigated), Northeast MS Branch Station 04/22 09/29 (all IV's), 10/13 (all V's) Leeper silty clay loam 19"

Brad Burgess
Director, Research Support/Variety Testing