MSU announces reorganization of DAFVM leadership structure

MSU announces reorganization of DAFVM leadership structure

By: Sid Salter

Mississippi State Vice President for the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine Keith Coble and MSU Executive Vice President and Provost David R. Shaw on Thursday [April 8] announced changes in the organizational leadership structure of major components of the academic division.

"In evaluating the current and future leadership needs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), the College of Forest Resources (CFR), the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES), and the Forest and Wildlife Research Center (FWRC), it is clear that these vital entities require a different structure that provides greater focus and attention to mission," said Coble. "Moving forward, both colleges deserve distinct leadership as do their affiliated research and service units. To that end, we are formally reorganizing the leadership structure to accommodate those needs."

Shaw said that national searches were currently being organized to select a new Director of MAFES who will also serve as Dean of CALS, and to select a new Dean of CFR and Director of FWRC.

"These colleges support many of Mississippi's bedrock agribusiness and forestry industries, so we want to be deliberate in this process. There is work to be done in organizing these search committees in the spirit of shared governance with our faculty and representation of our stakeholders on these committees. I anticipate that in the fall we will be able to be interviewing candidates for these two important positions," said Shaw. "This new leadership structure reflects MSU President Mark Keenum's vision for the future of MSU's agricultural and forestry units."

"This search process for two vital positions will include a broad base of our faculty, clientele, students and staff and will proceed in keeping with established search protocols," said Coble. "I have every confidence that MSU will attract a strong pool of candidates from across the nation who are interested in being a part of our university's momentum and growth, and I have equal confidence that our search committees will choose experienced and visionary leaders who can guide their respective DAFVM colleges and units."

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