ArkLaMiss Emergency Forum on Redbanded Stink Bug

ArkLaMiss Emergency Forum on Redbanded Stink Bug

There have been numerous questions around the potential damage severity of Redbanded stink bug in soybean in Arkansas and Mississippi. We have had well over 150 calls this week alone on insecticide efficacy, thresholds, and insecticide termination. With any new pest that has such high damage potential and changes traditional management considerations, naturally, there are lots of questions being asked from areas of Mississippi and Arkansas where this pest has not commonly occurred.

By: Kenner Patton

Due to the potential severity of this pest, and a large number of acres being treated and lined up to be treated, we are hosting an ArkLaMiss Emergency Forum on Redbanded stink bug, Thursday, August 17 at the Capps Center in Stoneville at 2:00 p.m. The goal of the meeting is to share and provide all the current data associated with RBSB and hear from academics and consultants in LA who have learned to manage this pest successfully over the years where it routinely occurs.

  • University researchers, extension, and consultants from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi will be sharing data and experiences managing Redbanded stink bug in soybean
  • Data on damage potential, yield loss, insecticide performance, thresholds, and insecticide termination will be shared by this group.
  • The meeting will be streamed and recorded for those who cannot be in attendance.
  • The meeting is free and open to all who have questions on the management of Redbanded stink bug in Mid-South soybeans.
  • More information will be updated on Mississippi Crop Situation blog

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