Malcolm Brooks

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Malcolm Brooks

Malcolm Brooks, double-major in food science and economics, began this semester as an undergraduate research scholar under the direction of Dr. Taejo Kim, assistant research professor in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion. Malcolm will assist Kim in researching new methods for detecting foodborne pathogens.

"My choice to pursue food safety stems from my internship with the USDA Office of Congressional Relations over the summer in Washington, D.C.," he said. "That office is at the forefront of agricultural policy as it relates to food."

He said his participation in organizations such as the Food Science Club and the MSU Food Science Quiz Bowl also inspired him to delve into research.

"The MSU Food Science Quiz Bowl team has gone from third place to second place and we are gunning for first," he said. "The bowl provides insight into these little-known, highly-particular ideas in the realm of food science. When we began studying, we inherited this massive book that covers various aspects of food science. We hadn't had a great deal of former training, which fueled a desire to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter in a comprehensive way."

Malcolm said understanding research also influences his work as a CALS ambassador. "Seeing how research extends beyond a single department gives me a broader perspective of the different departments within CALS-pertinent information I can pass on to incoming students."