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Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

Soybean Promotion Board Summary 2012

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Prinicipal Investigator(s)Project Title
Ashli Brown JohnsonRapid ID of Soybean Fungi by Spectroscopic Techniques
Ernest FlintEvaluation of the Effects of Residual Glyphosate and its Soil Metabolites on Growth and Development of Soybeans
Gabe SciumbatoEvaluation of Private and Public Soybean Varieties and Breeding Lines for Resistance to Stem Canker, Frogeye Leaf Spot, Purple Leaf and Pod Stain, Black Root Rot and Rust
Gabe SciumbatoValidity of Current Potassium Recommendations for High Yielding Soybean with Respect to Grain Yield and Soybean Disease Control
Amy Schmidt, Joseph CrumptonOn-farm Validation of the Mississippi Irrigation Scheduler Tool (MIST) for Soybean Production Systems
Vincent Klink, Gary Lawrence, Tom Allen, Clarissa BalbalianDevelopment of a Rapid Genetic Field Race Test for Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) and Generation of SCN Resistance through Gene Inactivation
Keith Coble, John Michael Riley, Barry BarnettEvaluation of Commodity Programs, Crop Insurance and Forward Pricing Alternatives for Mississippi Soybean Farms
Bronson Strickland, Stephen Demarais, Tom EubankEstimation of Deer Damage to Soybean Production in Mississippi: A Temporal and Spatial Context
Keith Crouse, Larry OldhamImproving Soybean Nutrient Management Using Timely Soil Testing Program
Dan Reynolds, Jamie Varner, Trenton IrbyDevelopment of Agricultural Applications for use on Apple IPhone and IPad
Trenton IrbySoybean Management by Application of Research and Technology (SMART): On farm Soybean Verification Program
Ardeshir Adeli, Jimbo Burkhalter, Keith Crouse, Mark Shankle, Trevor GarrettManaging Soybean Production on Low Nutrient Status Soils in Mississippi
Bobby Golden, Larry Oldham, Tom EubankCorrelation of Soil Test Potassium and Phosphorus Indices with Plant Tissue Concentrations and Soybean Yield
Dan Reynolds, Trenton IrbyDeterring the Effect of Low Concentrations of Dicamba & 2, 4-D on Soybean Growth and Yield
Dan Reynolds, Trenton IrbyMitigating Herbicide Spray Drift Under Field Condition
Dan Reynolds, Trenton IrbyManaging Transgenic Crops as Weeds in Soybean Cropping Systems
Billy Kingery, Normie Buehring, Steve Martin, Wayne EbelharCorn and Soybean Crop Residue Management Impact on Soil Quality, Yield and Returns
Brad BurgessEnhancement of Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials through Entry Standardization
Tom EubankAddressing Critical Weed Control Issues in Soybean
Bobby Golden, Jason Krutz, Joe Massey, Lyle Pringle, Tom EubankIrrigation Use and Efficiency in Soybean Production Systems in Mississippi
Lyle Pringle, M. Wayne Ebelhar, Steve MartinAgronomic and Economic Evaluation of Soybean/Corn Rotation with Twin-Row Production and Increased Nutrient Management
Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Fred Musser, Jeffrey GoreLepidopteran Insect Pest Management in Soybeans
Lyle Pringle, Steve Martin, Tom EubankYield and Economic Response of Soybean to Irrigation Initiation on Clay Soil in Mississippi
Mark Silva, Steve MartinDelta Agricultural Weather Project
Tom AllenSoybean Disease Monitoring for Mississippi Soybean Producers
Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Fred Musser, Jeffrey GoreThreecornered Alfalfa Hopper management in Soybeans
Bob RatliffVideo Support for Mississippi Soybean Producers