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Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

Rice Promotion Board Summary 2013

Prinicipal Investigator(s)Project Title
Tim WalkerPalisade® Rates and Nitrogen Fertilization on 'CL151' Lodging
Tim Walker, Bobby GoldenRice Planting Date Effects on Yield and Grain Quality
Tim WalkerValidation of N-STaR in Mississippi
Tim Walker, Joe MasseyRow-Crop Irrigation Science Extension and Research (RISER)
Joe MasseyIntermittent Rice Flooding
Raja Reddy, Tim WalkerScreening Cultivars for High Temperature Tolerance
Zhaohua PengGenes Regulating Flowering Time in Rice
Tim Walker'CLX4122' Reaches Final Stages of Testing
Jason BondRice Response to Simulated Herbicide Drift
Jason BondRice Cultivar Tolerance to Sharpen
Jeff Gore, Don CookManagement of Rice Water Weevil with Endigo ZCX in Rice
Jeff Gore, Don CookManagement of Rice Stink Bug with Various Insecticides
Jeff Gore, Don CookThresholds for Rice Stink Bug in Mississippi Rice
Jeff Gore, Don CookFoliar Sprays to Supplement Seed Treatments in Hybrid Rice

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