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Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

Cotton Promotion Board Summary 2012

Prinicipal Investigator(s)Project Title
Jason Bond, Tom Eubank Research to Counter Developing Cotton Weed Control Crises in Mississippi
Dan Reynolds, Darrin Dodds Management of Volunteer Crops in Roundup Ready, Liberty Link, and Conventional Cotton Varieties
Gabe Sciumbato, H.C. Pringle, Jac Varco, Keith Crouse, M. Wayne Ebelhar Cotton Yield Response to Residual N and K Levels and Crop Reflectance Based Fertilizer Nitrogen
H.C. Pringle Assess Commercially Available Soil and Plant Based Sensors Systems and Associated Telecommunications
Angus Catchot, Don Cook, Fred Musser, Jeffrey Gore Managing Insect Pests of Cotton in Mississippi
Angus Catchot, Darrin Dodds, Don Cook, Jeffrey Gore, Tom Allen Continuation of the Cotton D.E.M.O. (Demonstration and Education of Management Opportunities)
Bobby Golden, M. Wayne Ebelhar Optimizing Return from Potash Fertilization of Cotton through Soil Test Correlation and Calibration